As we all know that the few months of the previous year were the most difficult and crucial ones. Someone lost their job, some lost their families and globally almost everyone lost the new opportunities to grow higher in their life. When it comes to the education and study department then the matter which becomes highlighted in our mind is Student. Many students have suffered a lot of difficulties in Migration and Education. The students who were willing to study abroad to complete their Masters, Graduations, Post Graduations just sat down by having a hope of doing the same as soon as possible in the future. 

The impact of COVID 19 on study and education is on every student career who plans to study in USA Universities from different countries like India. The Carrier and Development field is the most affected field due to Covid 19. Along with the other affected countries of the world due to Corona Pandemic America also Stands higher in the increasing number of cases and death rates.

By considering the attack of a covid pandemic seriously, the government of America banned the immigration of students from abroad countries. And Due to this, the student’s Immigration becomes much more tricky in the present days.

We make regular studies of the students who are planning to register for multiple courses in the US or have already completed the application procedure and are seeking loans and funds for the same. Our Recent Study about the same has concluded that approximately 25% have opted for no0t choosing their plans for the US study due to the impact of covid 19.

Almost all of these students were employed, professionals. And 20% of students had canceled their plans for study in the US due to Fall. The rest of the 55% are still confused and deciding about the course of action that they expect to take for their future studies. Recession plays a major role of concern for a lot of students who seek to study and make their career in the US.