It is a work permit issued under the Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). There is no fixed number of work permit that can be issued under the owner-operator program. An applicant with the following scenarios will be able to get the maximum benefit from this program:

1. Applicants waiting for a Canada PR visa through the Express entry program may go for such a program. After the issuance and landing in Canada with such a work permit; they can claim 50 or 200 additional points and upgrade their application in the Express Entry pool after they have worked for one year in Canada.

2. Applicants wishing to apply under the entrepreneur program but wish to visit a province or a specific city can buy a business based on their potential and their capacity for investment and choose the city of their choice.

3. Applicants who are considering enrolling in an investor-based immigration program but are unable to meet their net worth or investment requirements.

4. Candidates with blood relatives in Canada but are unable to qualify for the immigration process because of a variety of reasons.


What makes the Owner Operator program a more attractive option for foreign investors?


The current permanent immigration programs of the federal government, while operational on paper, do not attract the interest of foreign investors. The opportunities offered by federal investment-based immigration programs are unfortunately very limited in Canada. These programs operate under quotas and often require candidates to invest a lot of time and money. This leaves many international investors seeking permanent admission to Canada to compete for a relatively small number of quota-based opportunities under Canada’s provincial business immigration programs.

With the Owner-Operator program, a foreign entrepreneur-investor, who is motivated to reside in a given region of Canada, may purchase an appropriate business and settle in the region of his choice.


What are the requirements for the Owner-Operator Program?


To be qualified as an owner-operator, the applicant must have:

  • Verifiable, transferable management experience or Business Skills.
  • Funds to purchase the targeted business in Canada
  • Required language proficiency in either English or French that allows to actively work as a manager the business
  • Controlling interest in a business: owns more than 50% of shares and cannot be dismissed Ownership of shares does not in itself guarantee that the applicant is qualified as an owner-operator.
  • The job offer must be made to a foreign investor who will actively participate in the management of the company. This will be assessed by examining the foreigner’s intention to operate the business and its previous experiences in running or operating a business.