The Company must be located in Canada and to be created, in due course. The nature and terms of our relationship are “as under”;


Our directive is to provide assistance regarding ICT work permit application, we understand that for the past many years, you have been operating and managing a successful business in your home country. Your company is in a position to expand the business into the North American market and as such you and/or another of senior manager/executives are in a position to be available for assignment to Canada to oversee the transition of significant operations from your home country, India to Canada. On this basis and subject to the following considerations, our Chief Consultant will represent your application to IRCC.


Work Permit under the International Mobility Program permits international companies to temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada for the purpose of improving management effectiveness, expanding Canadian exports and enhancing competitiveness in overseas markets. For us to represent your interests, you and/or other identified company executives will be required to continue demonstrating:


  • Employment in an executive or managerial capacity or one involving “specialized knowledge”.
  • Establish operations in one of the provinces in Canada.
  • The corporation outside Canada will form a parent relationship to the subsidiary in Canada; Continuous employment in a similar position outside Canada for one year in the previous 3-year period from the date of application; and
  • Compliance with existing immigration requirements for temporary entry to Canada.


The company would be required to provide a credible business project. Your proposed business operations in Canada would need to be in a position to become substantially capitalized-form financial statements prepared by suitable accounting and legal third-party professionals would document capitalizations. We will inform you of the amount to transfer to your company account, in due course. It will depend on the business model planned for your Canadian branch/ subsidiary. Depending on the Canadian province in which we will choose to establish your business, this will need to be carried out by way of an extraterritorial registration, on behalf of a corporate entity that we will oversee the setup. We will need to use a corporate structure as required by provincial regulations.


Once you have completed all the required undertakings, we would be in a position to prepare and submit an application for a temporary work permit and temporary residence visas for accompanying family members.


Transition to Permanent Residence


Intra-company transferees are often in a strong position to become permanent residents of Canada, should they wish to do so. Permanent residents can reside and work in any location in Canada.


  • The applicant must wait for a period of 12 months from the period they start working in Canada under work permit status.
  • The applicant can claim 200 points for a validated job offer in the Express Entry System for the full-time legal work in Canada gained under an intra-company transfer work permit.
  • There may also be options to transition to a permanent residence outside the Express Entry system, such as through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP’s) provided the criteria for the PNP program is fulfilled by the applicant.


Refund Policy


  • After signing the retainer agreement. No refund if the client is not interested in further Process.
  • Payments after the formation of the Canadian company with setup money: No refund if the client is not interested in further process.
  • After preparation of the business plan for submission of work permit application: No refund if the client is not interested in further process.


After receipt of all documents and information from your side, we expect an overall processing time frame to be in the range of 6-9 months. We anticipate that the work permit(s) will be valid for a period of at least 12 months from issuance. They will also be renewable. Upon receipt of your retaining fee, we will immediately schedule a conference call to discuss the process and take any questions that you may have.

Thereafter, we will forward to you a detailed list of required documentation and further instructions to be communicated in writing and to be outlined in detail during the call. We would ensure regular communications to update and exchange information and clarifications.