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Business Investor

If one needs to travel to a country for a temporary period of time for work purposes, a business investor service is the most advisable means to do so.

Study Abroad

Students aspiring to study in foreign destinations to expand their career horizons need a study abroad consultation to pursue their dreams. 

Permanent Residence

If you want to settle down in any county then you have to follow PR process. Fast N Easy guides you through the process with ease and proper discretion. 


Visitors can have a variety of purposes that can range from getting medical treatment, for short-term business purposes or even for leisure. Consult professionals for better understanding 

Employment Assistance

If an individual wants to work in a particular country he or she will require to obtain a Work Permit Assistance from that country.

Family-based immigrant 

Any immigrant settled abroad can invite their family member over, in certain cases. The family member(s) can claim their immigration rights through the Family-Based Immigrant. 


What We Do

Fast N Easy skillfully guide applicants for their immigration process to any country they aspire to settle. A team of over a hundred highly experienced professionals are dedicated to making the brand, Fast N Easy Immigration, go from strength to strength.


Our Approach

The company, today, represents some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. It has diversified to provide a comprehensive bouquet of services that make it a unique one-stop-shop for all the needs of anyone hoping to go abroad


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the pioneer in new immigration services and lead with excellence & quality in existing services.


About Our Firm

Before any business is born, its foundation is laid with an idea and a vision. Fast N Easy Immigration took a vision based on dedication & transparency for its customers. With a large list of customers and happy stories, fast n easy immigration is an ongoing and growing business aimed at providing the best visa related services & consultation to their customers. One of the best visa consultants in Ahmedabad. The company has set standards of excellence that have become benchmarks for foreign education consultation, visa and immigration as well as foreign going competitive examination coaching.

Visa Immigration 

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Fast N Easy Immigration
Fast N Easy Immigration
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